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    • This class contains the main method and is the JavaFX Application subclass
    • Zong! is initialized (see below)

    • This class holds the current score document (ScoreDoc), its Layout and a layouter for the playback cursor (PlaybackLayouter)
    • The PlaybackLayouter modifies the current layout so that the current playback position is shown
    • Registering this class as a PlaybackListener, it gets notified about the playback progress and can update the layout accordingly
    • The onClick method shows a message with details about the clicked element (for example a clicked note or rest)
  • MainWindow.fxml
    • The FXML code of the main window
    • The Java controller of the main window
    • The renderLayout method uses the JfxLayoutRenderer class (JavaFX renderer) or the AwtLayoutRenderer class (AWT/Java2D renderer) to create a displayable image of the document layout. In your app, you can choose the renderer you prefer. For each platform (also Android and HTML5/JS), there is a special renderer available.