Overall progress

Zong! is still in a very early stage and currently only interesting for developers.

Currently Zong! is able to

  • read MusicXML 2.0 files (some details not yet implemented)
  • layout scores in a platform-independent way (layout still far from perfect)
  • render these layouts to PDF or bitmaps (see Minimal demo and Simple GUI demo) and in pure JS in a HTML5 canvas (see WebApp)
  • convert MusicXML files by command-line and as a web service
  • playback scores as MIDI (Zong! Player, available as Java Web Start app)


The project is divided into sprints and can by monitored on the Zong! Board.

MusicXML Test Suite

For testing the loading and layouting of scores, Zong! uses the Inofficial MusicXML Test Suite. The current implementation status is continuously updated by our build server and is available under . There is also a visual report, showing the current renderings created by Zong! compared to the results produced by Lilypond.