The Zong! project is driven by an agile software development process. Work is organized into small tasks, which are grouped in sequentially numbered iterations, also called sprints. Sprints are usually some weeks long, but this depends on the time which can be spent for the project at this moment. The version numbers of Zong! always end in the sprint number, e.g. version "1.0.142" means, that it is version 1.0 at the end of sprint 142.

Upcoming versions

  • The project plan is availabe in public and everybody can follow the development progress.
  • To get a general idea, have a look at our sprint goals.

Version code names

The versions of Zong! are named after musical epochs. Each iteration is named after a famous composer or entitiy of the epoch of the current version.

Version numbers (from 2013 on)

  • Releases:
    • x.y or, more detailed, x.y.z
    • e.g. 0.1.42
      • x: major version
      • y: minor version
      • z: iteration number, in which this version was created
  • Development:
    • x.y-d or, more detailed, x.y-d.z
    • e.g. 0.1-a.42
      • x: major version, which is the goal of this development version
      • y: minor version, which is the goal of this development version
      • d: "a" for alpha versions, "b" for beta versions, "rc" for release candidates (also "rc2", "rc3" and so one, if multiple release candidates are created)
      • z: iteration number, in which this version was created

This version numbering scheme allows to clearly distinguish between bugfix releases and development versions. For example, version 2.0.145 is always a bugfix release for version 2.0.144 (and earlier 2.0 iterations), and never a development version which will become version 2.1 later. Development versions for a future 2.1 release are named 2.1-a, 2.1-b or 2.1-rc (maybe followed by iteration number).

If multiple versions are edited in a single iteration, they have the same iteration number. For example, both the versions 1.0.156 and 1.1-a.156 were created during iteration 156.

Version numbers (2006 - 2012)

When Zong! was started in 2006 (back then called "Xenoage Score"), the versions were called px.y.z, e.g. p0.4.31. "p" stands for "pre-" (development version), x is the major version, y is the minor version and z is the sequential iteration number. In 2013, the Zong! was restarted, because it is now completely free software. The last version using the old numbering scheme was p0.5.63. Iteration numbering goes on with 64, but the major and minor version is reset and starts with 0.1-a.64 again.