This page provides an overview over the modules the Zong! software consists of, and shows their dependencies and the underlying platforms.

Here is a table of the modules and a short description. Click on the module name to learn more about it.

Module namePlatformLanguage *StatusDescription
androidviewerAndroid 4Java 6UNDER DEVELOPMENTNative Android app to display and playback scores
converterJava SE 6Java 6UNDER DEVELOPMENTCommand-line tool for converting scores (e.g. into PDF or MP3)
coreJava SE 6Java 6PUBLISHEDMusic and score model, basic operations
editorJava SE 7Java 7PLANNEDDesktop application for editing scores
layoutJava SE 6Java 6UNDER DEVELOPMENTMusic engraving algorithms
midi-inJava SE 6Java 6PLANNEDRead scores from MIDI files
midi-outJava SE 6Java 6UNDER DEVELOPMENTSave scores in MIDI format
musicxmlJava SE 6Java 6UNDER DEVELOPMENTMusicXML framework
musicxml-inJava SE 6Java 6UNDER DEVELOPMENTRead scores from MusicXML files
musicxml-outJava SE 6Java 6PLANNEDSave scores in MusicXML format
playerJava SE 7Java 7UNDER DEVELOPMENTDesktop application for score playback
rendererJava SE 6Java 6UNDER DEVELOPMENTPlatform independent interfaces for score display
sampled-outJava SE 6Java 6UNDER DEVELOPMENTSave scores in sampled audio format (WAV, OGG, MP3, ...)
swing-appJava SE 7Java 7UNDER DEVELOPMENTSwing base project (not runnable)
testJava SE 7Java 7UNDER DEVELOPMENTIntegration tests
utils-...Java SE 6Java 6PUBLISHEDUtility libraries
viewerJava SE 7Java 7UNDER DEVELOPMENTDesktop application for viewing scores
vocJava SE 6Java 6UNDER DEVELOPMENTWords and their translations

Java SE 7,


Java 7UNDER DEVELOPMENTHTTP/JSON-controlled webserver for converting files


Java 7, GWT 2.5.


Other modules transformed to pure JavaScript and HTML frontends

*) We use both Java 6 and Java 7, because Android supports only Java 6. Applications, which run on the desktop, can be based on the latest version of Java. All modules, which are also needed for Android, are written in Java 6.