Using Gradle

Gradle is a free project automation tool. Zong! includes a Gradle build script, which allows to build, run and test the projects on the command line, without any IDE like Eclipse or IntelliJ IDEA. Since Zong! contains the Gradle wrapper, Gradle does not have to be installed but bootstraps from the included tools.

Our Jenkins build server also uses the Gradle script for automated building and continuous integration.

Here is a short screencast which demonstrates how to download and build Zong! using Git and Gradle:


To build Zong! and create the packages for distribution, run in the project's root folder


If you are running Linux or Mac OS X, use ./gradlew instead, since gradlew is a script in the root folder.

Please note that Zong! requires Java 8 Update 40 or later. If you are running Linux, you may want to read our short guide how to run different versions of Java in parallel.


  • Zong! Player:
    • gradlew -p player run

  • Zong! Demos for developers:
    • gradlew -p demos run

    • or direct start of the demos:
      • gradlew runMinimalDemo
      • gradlew runSimpleGuiDemo

  • More projects (viewer, editor, ...) will follow in the future.


To run the automated JUnit tests in all modules, run

gradlew test

Android modules

The default build script does not build the Android modules. Enter the mobile-android folder and run gradlew (or ./gradlew in Linux and Mac OS X) there to build the Android project.

For running the app, we recommend using Android Studio.